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I have purchased three pairs of Nike Free RN boys' shoes. The first pair was in the summer. The second pair was for back-to-school. The third pair was mid-October. All three pairs lasted about 6 weeks. Each pair cost $79.99. I will not purchase another pair. The shoes literally come apart at the seams. The toes pull away from the sole. The sole falls apart with the rubber falling off of the shoe. I am looking for good leather tennis shoes for my... Read more

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I bought a pair of NIKE REAX and I always thought NIKE was a quality product since they made nice looking shoes. I couldn’t of been more WRONG!! They do an EXCELLENT job of marketing a very crappy product made in Vietnam and... Read more

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Nike Sneakers Review from Delray Beach, Florida
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After paying over $100 for a new pair of Nike Air Max, wearing them for less than 3 weeks, both left and right shoes delaminated at the rubber sole. What pride in workmanship you must feel Nike. Wait......what am I saying? I forgot NONE of that means *** to gigantic American Corporations anymore. All that matters is the gross profits your left with, or the "Bottom Line", as most corporations really worry the most about. This over-inflated, self... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 12
  • #935161

Order a pair of shoes that I didn't like when they arrived. Sent them back with Nikes preferred shipping company Aramex and that was over a month ago. 4 different customer service people cannot get it together to process a refund. Disgusting service and full of empty promises and lies.

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 29
  • #927684

The team hustle D7 look good but are not made to last. I had them less than a month and the nike check is peeling off of both shoes.

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 18
  • #921027

White poly spandex yellowed after washing

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I had a horribble experience with nike outlet and i went to the outlet the sales rep said i can order these online since there were none in stock i stressed the fact that i needed them by saturday and placed the order monday i stressed that i would pay for expedited shipping comes to find out he never added the shipping i went online to the chat at and stressed the fact that i needed them by saturday and i will pay for the... Read more

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Hello my name is SCHAN MADRID and I wear a Shoe size of (11 ). I Had purchased a pair of nike air shox and 5 months later the shox came out like they were a pair of knock-off's. I purchased these for the Price of $ 135.00. Dollars and for them to come apart like this makes me angry . Being a Long time Nike shox purchaser for over 8 years this is unacceptably poor quality for Nike . here is my email if Nike would like to PAY for a new pair of... Read more

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My 14 year old daughter bought her dad a $50 electronic gift card for father's day. Apparently, they were having trouble with the recipients getting the gift cards. To make this short...six phone calls and 30 days later, we could still somehow find no way to redeem this "supposed" gift card. She got a different excuse from each customer service agent. They finally told her to have him pick an item and then call and use her order number (not... Read more

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I am utterly appalled at the level of service shown to me when returning my sons Hupervenhom shoes. My 12 year old son scrimped and saved to purchase a pair of Hyroevenhom soccer boots. To my horror he paid over $250 for a pair of boots, he claimed he knew it was an excessive amount to pay but they were what he had saved for. 10 weeks into the season the sole started to come away from the boot so we reluctantly returned the boots to the shop... Read more

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