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You people are absoult *** for having any association with that POS loser Kaepernick. I will NEVER buy anything associated with Nike nor will I accept any gifts related to Nike.

I am done with you, period. You will not receive 2 cents from me to pay that ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Nike Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have about 15 Nike hats. Some of which I paid a lot of money for.

I will burn these in response to your support for Colin Kaepernick. What a joke he is and you are. I will not even sell these hats because it would disgust me to think they are being worn on someone else’s head. I have been a fanatic NFL fan my whole life until they started this anti American crap.

I will boycott them until they make it mandatory to stand up in respect for our flag. As far as you are concerned, I will NEVER EVER AGAIN own or wear a Nike product ever again! You have decided to take a stand and celebrate a complete piece of crap.

You should have flushed the toilet in stead of eating it!!!!!!! In my mind you are NO better than a foreign country attacking this country from within.

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