Purchased a pair of Nike Monarch Air sneaks and after a short time of use they began to squeak when I walked. The sound was so bad it even bothered people in my general area.

I sent the sneaks back for inspection and was told that the sneaks had uneven wear and that had caused the squeak. BULLS---!!! The sneaks are badly made and they sent them back with no resolution of the problem. I had purchased the sneaks at a ***'s Store and a manager told me it was the material in the sole that would absorb moisture and after it dried it would squeak as long as they were worn.

***'s did credit me $15 towards another pair of sneaks I purchase at this time, not a Nike product.(Thanks ***'s) I can say that a company like Nike should stand behind they're products.

And at this time I will NEVER buy another product from Nike again!!!!! Nike you can suck it.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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I've had many pairs of Air Monarchs squeak... Seems like a nice fellow on YouTube has a fixhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gCtCHC0r40"Foot powder"...

the answer is "foot powder".... sheesh

Woodstock, Georgia, United States #1348357

Yes this happens to me too. Have any of your filed a complaint with their consumer affairs dept, BBB or FTC? Wanna start a class action?


I agree the corp should replace / recall just like any corp who sells a POS product. I guess it's all about the dollar and not a satisified customer.


I just bought a pair of the same sneaker not too long ago.

They are doing the exact same thing!! It's so annoying!

I've read that I need to take the insole out and spray it with WD40 and put the insole back in.

I SHOULDN'T have to do that...nor should I have had to look up such a ridiculous solution for this problem in the first place. I bought a pair of Nike Air Monarch...not Nike Air Squeak!

Long Branch, New Jersey, United States #695824

I was walking through the lobby of hotel away on training class...the squeek was really annoying...then while waiting for the elevator anoother guy from the same class i was taking walked out of his room on 1st floor and thru the lobby of hotel...I could not believe I heard the same God awful squeeking with each step he took I started laughin and called to him...i said your shoes squeek he said yeah its bad...I said welcome to the club I have same exact sneakers....we got a laugh out of it and so did all in lobby....but really did anybody at nike who weighed more then a few ounces try these out before going to market? or is it all done on computer made and sent?

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