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I had bought 2 different pairs different year Nike Air Maxs for $160 a piece and each one the bubble popped before i even wore them a year and im not a runner, i dont do anything crazy in them to let that happen. the first pair I tried exchanging them at the store and they said i have to deal with Nike customer service.

Nike customer service told me to send the shoes in and they will replace them with a new pair. i paid $7 to send them to Nike to end up getting them back in the mail stating that it was normal wear and tear. Im sorry but thats ***, i didn't pay $160 for a shoe to have them worthless in less then a year. I own a lot of tennis shoes and I still have them and they are in great condition still after years and i only paid $20 for them!

So i need to know what the *** i have to do about my second pair that i bought and have the same problem with!!??!??!??! Help someone!

Review about: Nike Shoes.

Monetary Loss: $320.

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Nike sucks, New Balance are one hundred times better and will last longer

West Sacramento, California, United States #721470

Serves you right you fat ***, Nike and the USA is the best in the world ,i am glad you lost 7 dollars too son of a beotch

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