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I Purchased a pair of Nike Air Shoes 2012 Model. They were ripped due to bad manufacturing and they were terrible shoes.

Very uncomfortable. I called Nike and emailed Nike. I was told to send them back and they would exchange them. I did.

I was told to send them to Mark Parker, he loves to hear from Consumers I was told. I did. Weeks later I get the shoes back and a letter saying I am stuck with them. The CEO Mark Parker was not professional enough to respond.

They clearly did not see a manufacturing flaw or stand behind their product. Mark Parker and Nike sale these shoes for 159.00, but will not stand behind them. Nike and Mark Parker are nothing more than Liars and do not stand behind their product. I have written him several times, but he is too stuck up, not man enough , and unprofessional, so he passes the letters and does not respond.

They pay people pennies on the dollar to make these shoes, and sale them to US Consumers, but will not stand benind their shoes. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Some lady named Kelly responded for Nike. Like the CEO Mark Parker, she is a LIAR!

She claims Nike has no record of me contacting them. She said there is nothing wrong with the shoes. Her and Mark Parker are LIARS. Nike simply does not care about consumers and does NOT stand behind their products.

It is sure to Nike's advantage to lie and say we have no record of him contacting us.

I am left with defective Nike shoes and will never buy anything Nike again. Kelly and Mark Parker will continue to lie to people and screw People over, including the very people who buy Nike and have been loyal to Nike!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nike Shoes.

Monetary Loss: $159.

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When I was a kid[43 now], not everyone could afford to sport around in Nike Airs",....but they were well made and comfortable. Nowadays you might as well save your money and go to Walmart and pick up a 20 dollar pair of whatever, cause they are made as good or better!!!!!!.

Any more, Nike is nothing but foam rubber, vinyl and glue....."they suck".. Mark Ritter, Morgantown West VA.

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