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I have a new slogan for Nike – Can’t Do It!

I ordered a $50 shirt from When I received it there was a big hole in the middle of the chest; it looked like it got caught in a conveyor belt and severely damaged – although the package itself was not damaged.

I went online to start the return – one of Nike’s suggestions was to return it to a store – not helpful since the stores are closed due to COVID-19.

Nike apparently can’t update its website.

I then tried to follow on-line instructions to initiate a claim/return – I could not make that work either. Nike can’t provide instructions that I could make work.

So I called their customer service number and after being on hold for a very extended time frame connected with a polite, but inadequate, customer service rep who initiated the return, but would only provide a shipping label where I had to drop the package off at UPS. I explained that my state was under stay at home orders and that I could not drop the package off without violating those orders. I requested a UPS pick0up at my home – she replied she can’t do that.

I asked for a supervisor who I waited about 30 minutes to talk to.

The supervisor in my opinion was arrogant and rude. She also could not provide for at home UPS pick-up; even though I explained Amazon does it.

I asked for a higher-level contact – she couldn’t provide one. I asked for some one from corporate to call me.

Executive customer service sent me an email the next day -apparently, they can’t call. The email said they can’t provide for UPS at home pick-up and didn’t provide an alternative solution.

This leaves me feeling like Nike doesn’t care enough to properly communicate with their customers to resolve issues.

After all their the ones who shipped a shirt with a big hole in the chest.

Come on Nike take a little responsibility and fix the problem you caused! Just Do IT!

I believe Nike has earned a new slogan - Nike Can’t Do It!

User's recommendation: Consider other websites and avoid whenever possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nike Shirt.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Have UPS pick-up at my house and send a letter of applogy for the incredibly bad service I encountered..

Nike Cons: Horrible customer service repeatedly said cant do it.

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You have a legit complaint but whine too much. Personally, I never cared for wearing brand names and paying for the privilege. If I'm going to be a walking billboard for someone, they are going to pay me.

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