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I bought a top of the line pair of Nike golf shoes, and after wearing them for approximately 20 times, the soles came off. Nike refused to replace the shoes or even give a credit toward new ones since they said they could not determine there was any manufacturing defect. I guess their swoosh means nothing when it relates to quality of customer service.

I will never buy Nike products again and will gladly share my experience with others so they don't make the same mistake I have made.

Someone should let Nike know they lose customers one at a time, and they have lost me.

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I now need to buy a 4th pair of basketball shoes for my high school freshman daughter. The first 3 were Nike and each broke down within weeks.

These shoes were NEVER worn outside, never workout in any other way and worn ONLY in a gym. NIKE quality sucks


Well i was really on here just looking around and happened to see this... Well I work at Nike and I own alot of Nike myself.

I have never had any of my shoes do what you guys are saying that they have done. Do you mind me asking what kind you bought?

I only wear shocks and cortezs' and some air max. I think that's totally crazy about customer service though because Nike as a company tries to keep customer service very high on our list, atleast at our really sorry you had a bad experience with our company.

Pegram, Tennessee, United States #9149

I bought 2 pair of Nike Air. One for my son, one for my husband. My husbands sole, on both feet seperated at the heel, and the air pocket fell right out of one.

My sons shoes soles came ofat the toe of both. I am not very ahppy with the facts they were both purchased the same day, and within a few months, both fell apart.And I don't even know how to get ahold of NIKE!!!


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