I bought a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapors (soccer cleats) for $150.00 for my son for the 2012 soccer season. They are a piece of ***.

The cleat part at the heal broke in 2 places. I bought them for the school soccer season (25 games, average 3 games a week) and they broke before the 18th game. He only used them for the school games and practice.

The fields my son played on were very nice turf fields so bad field condition can be eliminated at the cause for cleat failure. This cleats are Total junk..Stay away from Nike cleats, terrible design.

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If you purchased them on nikestore.com call 1-800-806-6453, if they were purchased at a Nike retail store ( Nike Factory store, Nike store, Niketown ) then contact that store that you purchased them at for more information and how they can help - because you will ultimately have to go back to that location, but if it was purchased at a non nike store then call 1-800-344-6453 Monday through Friday and they will help you out.


First of all there *** because you got the fake ones vapors are 200$

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