I sent my son to the Water Polo CAmp in San Diego. These camps have a great reputation but not until afte he returned home did I learn the head caoch has too much descretion.

it is the local head coach that hires the staff, decides on the food etc. The staff was so bad they campers missed over 2 hours out of 15 hours of instruction becasue each day the councelors waited until leaving time to make sure everyone was up and then had all the kids wait for the few late kids. I was told not to worry that my child is lactose intolerate thier would be choices all the meal times. Not only were thier not choices this was not food I would ever feed my kid.

Cold ceral for breakfast, no juice even. Lunch premade subway sandwich with baloney one day, pasta with marinara suace the second day. For dinner they had pizza one night, a burrito another night.

No vegtables, no fruit very luttle protein. This is not how you feed young atheletics expected to practice 4 to 5 hours each day

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