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Poor customer service

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I have been a Nike customer since the seventies. Unfortunately I had an appalling customer service experience that I will no longer purchase Nike merchandise.

My husband and I both work in ICU taking care of covid pts.

My husband is also a veteran. Needless to say we haven't gotten out much for the past 8 months.

We decided to go to the Outlet Collection of Seattle to pick up some Christmas gifts at the Nike store. He is recovering from knee replacement surgery so as he waited in line I went to get a wheelchair for him as he still can't stand or walk without pain. When I returned to the store he was already in and I looked around for someone to ask if I could take the wheelchair in and didn't see anyone at the store entrance by the line so I walked up to the entrance to ask one of the employees at the cash register, which is very close to the entrance.

All of a sudden I hear someone hollering at me to stop. I actually was just standing at the entrance at the time and the person hollering at me was well outside the store. I turned around and said I was just trying to take the wheelchair in to my husband and walk back out. She bellowed that I needed to communicate then.

I then asked if I could take the wheelchair in to my husband and walk back out and was again hollered at "NO, not until someone comes out, there's covid you know." I thought to myself if you only knew how many hands I've held watching someone with covid die, how my face aches from the protective equipment I have to wear everyday you wouldn't be yelling that at me while standing here counting people.The woman doing the hollering was still very far away from me and there were many customers and people around. My husband was about 10 ft. from me inside the store so I called to him to come and get the wheelchair because I wasn't allowed to take it to him. I was hollered at AGAIN and was told with a very rude tone I never said you couldn't take the chair in.

I replied that I just asked and you said I couldn't take the chair in and the response was, "that's right, not until someone comes out". WTF!! My husband was in to much pain to shop anymore so was checking out just a few feet in front of me. I was quietly standing outside the store waiting for him to check out and was then rudely told "now you can go in".

I said I neither wanted nor needed to go in at that point and was not planning on shopping there again. I was still standing outside the store in the mall area and at that point was told to leave. The person speaking to me was still very far outside the store, at no point came up to me to have a rational conversation and added a gigantic amount of stress to me at a very difficult time.

This was my one and only trip out of the house to shop for Christmas after mostly isolating at home for 8 months being a direct covid caregiver.

I won't be a Nike customer anymore after 40 years. The treatment I received was extremely rude and unnecessary.

Every single other employee in every other store we visited was so super nice, helpful, and thankful!!!

I love my new Sketchers.

I will share my horrible, disturbing experience with everyone I know personally and professionally.

This is a time we should be all coming together not treating one another without compassion and kindness.

I am disappointed Nike!!!!

1 star is generous because I couldn't put 0.

User's recommendation: Do not buy Nike products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nike Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Nike Pros: Nike customer over 40 yrs.

Nike Cons: Poor customer service.

Location: 1101 Outlet Collection Drive Southwest, Auburn, WA 98001

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